5th Anniversary Commemorative Stein Pre-sale

$ 200.00

To commemorate us crossing the river we’re bringing to life a collaboration with Rookwood Pottery celebrating our brief history. This custom designed stein tells our story starting from the Garage in Covington, to the Barrel House in Fort Mitchell. It will make an incredible gift for any Braxton fan! Pre-sale begins today and will run through the end of September. Each pre sold stein will include two $25 gift cards redeemable at any of our taproom locations. The steins and gift cards will be available for pick up before the Holidays in December.

This exclusive 20 oz. Stein was created by the Rookwood Pottery Company with inspiration drawn from significant milestones in Braxton’s 5 years in business. The design was created by Rookwood’s Director of Product Development, Mary Guanciale, and hand carved by renowned Rookwood ceramic artist Gary Simon. Glaze inspiration was taken from Braxton’s bold blue branding color.