Braxton Labs Passing Afternoon

$ 10.00

Summer is winding down so we’ve decided to bring one more easy drinking ale for the last few passing afternoons. For this beer we’ve brewed a standard American blonde ale - two row, light caramel malts, and a low alpha acid European grown hop - but gave it our standard hazy IPA yeast and dry hop regimen! Low, clean malt character and a lightly floral base blonde gets our house hazy IPA yeast and a hefty dry hopping of Mosaic, Cascade, and Hallertau Blanc hops. With this combination we’ve created a golden, easy drinking blonde ale that is bursting with guava and passion fruit aromas and hop flavor with a slightly juicy finish.
4pk of 16oz cans - $10.00
Product: Passing Afternoon
ABV: 5.5 % IBU: 15
Adjuncts: none
This beer is available for pick-up only (no shipping) starting today at 3pm at Braxton Brewing Company in Covington.