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Braxton Brewing Company

Braxton Barrel House Release: Barrel Aged Belgian Tripel

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This beer will be available for pickup only at our Covington Taproom. 

Product: Barrel House: Barrel Aged Belgian Tripel

ABV: 12.66% IBU: 17

Branching out from our home base of IPAs, stouts, and kettle sours, Labs is taking on Belgian style ales! Our Belgian Tripel is mashed with pilsner base malt with some protein heavy malts to provide a touch of body to a dry-finishing style. Noble hops bring some balance to the malty beer, and some orange peel and coriander bring a fresh herbal and citrus character. Belgian Abbey yeast provides the light spice phenolics found in most Belgian-style beers. Mellowed by the barrel aging process, this beer has a surprisingly crisp feel, and mild tartness. At 11.9%, our barrel aged take on the Belgian Triple is a refreshing, yet warm alternative to a classic style.