Smoothie Sour Series Subscription


Sign up for a smoothie subscription today, and you’ll be lined up to receive two, four, or six 16oz cans of whatever fruity smoothie goodness is coming out of Braxton Labs the following Saturday. Smoothies are limited one of a kind beers that are released once per week via our online store. 

Currently, Smoothies are available for pick up only at the Braxton taproom in Covington, Kentucky. Though we expect to be able to ship these beers later in the year. Upon completing your subscription, you will receive a notification each week when your smoothie is available for pickup.

Smoothie Subscription Gift - 2 Month

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$ 80.00 / week

$ 80.00 (1 Month Subscription)

$ 80.00 (2 Month Subscription)

$ 80.00 (3 Month Subscription)

Sign up today, and your first smoothie is Cherry Limeade for pickup on Saturday September 26th at 12pm

Future Flavors

  • Berry Blue
  • Citrus
  • Berry Red